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So here I am back with my detailed explanation about Shadow Slave Chapter 945. The Chapter is titled as ‘The Road Ahead’

The novel continues in Chapter 945 as,

“Somehow, most of the people in the convoy were still alive. Sunny, who was observing from the roof of the Rhino, felt both burdened and surprised. He hadn’t expected to make it this far into the mountains without suffering heavy losses.

He wondered if he should feel proud of their progress. “Let’s try to keep it this way,” he thought to himself.

Looking at the map, Sunny realized that the path ahead would be challenging. The roads were destroyed, and the terrain was filled with debris from the previous battles. Avalanches, landslides, and rockfalls had reshaped the landscape. Additionally, there were many Nightmare Creatures and hidden Gates in the area.

Sunny called a meeting with the Irregulars and Sergeant Gere to come up with a plan. They discussed different strategies, but none of them seemed feasible. The terrain was too rough for the civilian vehicles, and the fuel cells were at risk of running out.

Sunny suggested improvising a way to charge the transports, but it would drain their own energy reserves. They considered cannibalizing the military vehicles and using their power systems, but it would still be a limited solution.

As they were brainstorming, Luster pointed out a viable option they had overlooked—the coastal highway. It was a risky choice, but it would provide a faster route to Erebus Field.

Everyone looked at the map, realizing that the coastal highway was right there, waiting to be utilized. It offered a chance to reach their destination within a day.

The meeting ended with a mix of relief and apprehension. The convoy would face new challenges on the coastal highway, but it seemed to be their best option. Sunny couldn’t help but feel a sense of both hope and unease about what lay ahead.”

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